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Elevate your space with the meticulously crafted full-length mirror, featuring a wooden frame wrapped in sponge-filled flannel. This thoughtful design adds a touch of sophistication, giving the entire mirror an upscale appearance.
Experience a perfect view from any angle with this large mirror, suitable for hanging or leaning against the wall in various settings such as the cloakroom, bedroom, living room, corridor, or clothing shop. Its multifunctional design adapts seamlessly to diverse spaces.
Embrace the uniqueness of the irregular footprint shape that defines this full-length mirror. Its distinctive design effortlessly catches the eye, adding a tasteful touch to any space. Stand out with a mirror that complements your room’s aesthetics.
Constructed with high-quality floating annealed glass and a premium silver-backed glass panel, our mirror prevents warping and distortion, ensuring a genuine HD imaging experience. The premium silver backing enhances durability, making it suitable for high-humidity environments. Invest in lasting quality for your reflection needs.
Product Dimensions: 160.02 x 60.96 cm; 17.9 kg


Pink, Gray


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